Your first visit

If you’ve never visited a Gloden Tanning & Beauty studio before, you’ll probably want to know what to expect. 

First things first, we’ll need to set up your customer account. We recommend registering before you arrive (you can do that online here) so that we have all your details on our system, but if not don’t worry, we can do it in the studio when you arrive.

Photo ID

Either way, bring some Photo ID with you as we’ll need to confirm you’re over 18 (passport or driving license is usually best). You won’t need to bring it every time, just on your first visit. We have a strict “Look 25” policy, so unless you’re clearly over 25 years old, we will ask to see your ID.

When to Arrive

You won’t need to make an appointment, but try to arrive at least 30 minutes before closing time (45 minutes if you haven’t filled in your account form online).
Once we’ve checked your ID, take a few minutes to talk to the studio manager. They’ll ask about your skin type, your tanning goals, any previous tanning experiences plus any issues or concerns you may have, to help you arrive at the tanning plan that’s right for you.

Tanning Accelerators

Consider whether you want to apply a tan enhancer or accelerator before you start your session. These are lotions that can deliver a better result than using sunbeds alone, giving you more of a tan for the same amount of time under our UV lights.

Eye Protection

Eye protection is essential, and we offer a range of different types depending on your preference. Winkease are small and inexpensive protectors that sit directly over your eye (no strap or band to worry about). Tanning without eye protection risks damaging your sight over time.


Pay for your session (we take cash, card, contactless, and mobile pay) together with any eye protection or tan enhancers, and then step into the treatment room.

Inside the Cabin

Locking the door will start your session, which adds time at the beginning and end of your sunbed session for undressing and dressing (up to 3 minutes for each). 

Undress, apply any lotion, put on your eye protectors and then lie on / stand in the bed (depending on the machine you’ve chosen) and press start. This will start the timer so you get the full amount that you’ve purchased.

Once the timer has finished the sunbed will stop automatically, so you can get dressed and head out with a healthy glow and a spring in your step.

See you next time!