Using a sunbed at Gloden couldn’t be simpler; there is no need to make an appointment* and our staff are always on hand to offer advice. If you haven’t used a Gloden Studio before, click here to find out more about your first visit.
We’re proud to use world class sunbeds in all our Studios. To cater for all preferences, we have both stand up and lie down sunbeds available in most studios. If you’re not sure which you would prefer, the Studio Team will be more than happy to show you the different sunbed features to help you decide.

You can find more information about our different sunbeds here.


If you’re planning to visit more than once or twice, it’s worth considering purchasing a Bonus Bundle. We have four to choose from and the credits can be spent on any treatment or product in our studios:

  • Top-up £25 and get £5 credit free.
  • Top-up £50 and get £15 credit free.
  • Top-up £75 and get £25 credit free.
  • Top-up £100 and get £40 credit free.

These can be purchased at the kiosk next time you visit.

Tanning Accelerators

Did you know that by using a good quality tanning lotion, you can boost your results by up to 60%? Without a lotion, it takes around 4 minutes for your skin’s melanin to reach the surface of the skin (this is the process that creates a tan.) By using a lotion, you can achieve this in just 1 minute. You can read more about how we tan here.

For longer lasting, deeper tanning results, we always recommend using a lotion. If you’ve not used a lotion before, have a quick chat with our Studio Team next time you visit. They’ll be able to recommend a suitable lotion based on your tanning goals, your skin type and scent preferences. 

We have a huge range of lotions to choose from, available both here and in our Studios, with prices starting from just £2.00.


*Please note: We recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes before closing