Tanning guidelines

Our main priority is your wellbeing. We want to help you take good care of your skin and also get the results you want. Our tanning guidelines will help you do just that:

Find out your skin type. This will help you understand if you are suitable for sunbed use and how long a session you should start with. We will run through a skin type assessment with you when you first visit one of our studios or register as a member here.

Always stick to a session length suitable for your skin type. Visiting too frequently or having a longer session won’t automatically lead to deeper results. You can’t rush a good tan.

Leave at least 24 hours between tanning sessions (48 hours if its your first session or you are skin type 2). Remember, if you have sunbathed outside, leave 24 (or 48 hours if you are skin type 2 or its your first session) hours before having a sunbed and vice versa. 

If you choose to tan naked, protect your sensitive areas which are not normally exposed to the sun such as underarms, buttocks and nipples. You can expose sensitive areas gradually by covering them halfway through your tanning session for your first few visits.

Maximise your results by using a tanning enhancer. These lotions are designed specifically for indoor tanning and help to boost your tanning results aswell as nourishing your skin. Most tanning enhancers contain Tyrosine which encourages the skin to produce more melanin, creating faster, deeper results.

Use a daily moisturiser to maintain your tan between sessions.

Protect your eyes. Closing your eyes is not enough and you risk UV damage if you don’t wear suitable protection. Eye protection is available to buy in all studios.

If you are taking medication, read the information slip or consult your doctor before tanning. Be aware that some medicines cause photosensitivity to UV light such as St John’s Wort and some anti-biotics.