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Credit – The Sunbed Association

The Sunbed Association has welcomed the publication of a review of available medical data that concluded no proven causal relationship exists between moderate commercial sunbed use and an increased melanoma risk.  The results of the studies have been published in two articles in the scientific journal Anticancer Research (Vol 38).  Very importantly, the review refutes recent reports from the EU and the World Health Organisation.

Chairman of The Sunbed Association, Gary Lipman said “This careful review of studies confirms what we have long known to be true but authorities and other vested organisations have repeatedly refused to acknowledge and accept; responsible UV exposure on a sunbed by those able to tan does not cause melanoma.  The publication of this scientific review identifies and highlights many flaws in the studies that have been used to determine public policy, campaigns, legislation and public scaremongering regarding sunbed use.  It is quite frankly a disgrace that even when challenged at the highest level, these bodies have refused to acknowledge and consider the available science; these studies have not followed research protocols and the result is that skewed information has been repeatedly published that has led to what can only be described as the demonization of our industry.  

“We will be demanding an urgent review by all public and charitable organisations who have published information claiming, stating or even suggesting a link between sunbed use and melanoma.“ continued Lipman “Our industry has been an easy commercial target for the anti-tanning lobby for many years and this has to stop.

“Members of The Sunbed Association are professional operators who ensure responsible tanning by those who are able to tan.  This has always been our commitment to the consumer and through education and customer screening, our members ensure over-exposure and burning is avoided as is use by anyone with any contraindications to tanning.  Bottom line using a sunbed in one of our member salons is the best way to ensure responsible tanning.”


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