Importance of vitamin D

We all know Vitamin D is important for good health, but this year the importance of it is more evident than ever.

There has been a lot of research studies conducted on the topic in relation to the connection between Vitamin D and Covid-19. Through all the research carried out on the topic, it has been proven that higher levels of Vitmain D in the body can help reduce the risk of Covid-19.

Dr. Michael Holick, Professor at the Boston University School of Medicine, recommends a daily amount of 1,000 IU is necessary to maintain a healthy level of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D can be obtained from food sources, sun exposure and supplements. The most effective source of vitmain D is through UV rays.

‘Vitamin D made in the skin lasts at least twice as long in the blood as vitamin D digested from the diet. When you are exposed to sunlight, you make not only vitamin D but also at least five and up to ten additional photoproducts that you would never get from dietary sources or from a supplement’ - Dr. Michael Holick

However you may choose to increase your Vitamin D intake, make sure it is one of your priorities this winter.

For more information on Vitamin D we recommend you visit, Dr.Michael Holicks website:

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